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Omni13 Smart Power Bank

$175.00 $299.95


They're finally here, they're awesome, and we're nearly sold out!

 Whether for work or with the family, I am always on the go. I try to stay near an outlet but the kids always want to go where there aren't outside! 

The Omni13 is for mobile professionals, parents on the go, jet setters, outdoorsmen, campers, for emergency preppers, or anyone who doesn't want to be tied down to a power source. I've used a number of different power banks over the years, but each of them has shortcomings. The Omnicharge Omni Power Bank is the last battery I'll ever need.

The demo video from Omnicharge below has all the warm & fuzzy details you need, but here's the TL;DR version...

  • ultra-portable slim design & 1lb weight fits into any bag or purse
  • flow-through charging feature allows you to charge devices while the power bank itself is being charged
  • the onboard CPU manages the power input & output, even shutting down connections to keep your devices safe
  • 2 USB ports + a 3-prong AC/DC outlet lets you power just about anything imaginable
  • fully charges itself in 2 hours, and can be charged by virtually anything; outlet, USB, laptop, solar panel, car charger
  • the 13,600 mAh battery will provide:
7 full charges for iPhone 7
more than 4.5 charges for iPhone 7 Plus
8 charges for a GoPro
up to 13 hours for a laptop
up to 3 hours for a TV


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