Thanks Canada! It's been a blast!

What's a KidGadget?

KidGadget is JP & Lisa Casino from Toronto, parents of two wonderful kids, Joshua and Olivia. Like most parents, we constantly find ourselves hunting in the nooks & crannies of shops, baby shows, and the internet for the products that (we hope!) make it easier for us to manage our family. There is definitely no shortage of new tech & inventions that pop up every month. 

In our pursuit for the newest & best tech, we found (and keep finding) so many hurdles: international shipping, duties, availability & compatibility within Canada, or even reviews that gave us enough useful, non-marketing information about products. Once we realized that we could help other Canadians the way we were already helping family & friends, KidGadget was born!

So here are a few promises to you, our fellow proud Canadian parents:

  • We've used (or will, shortly) everything we sell. 100% honesty about what a product does and what it's like to use. No fluff, no BS. 
  • Everything will be shipped from Toronto, so you don't have to pay duties. If you live in the GTA, drop me a note and I'd be happy to save you some $$$ and can arrange for local pickup!
  • As parents, we're all on this journey together. Contact us with your comments, questions, feedback, suggestions, or other cool gear you spot in the wild - we want to hear it all!

- JP

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