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Our Tech #1: KeySmart

Posted on August 15 2016

Since opening KidGadget, people have asked me what tech & gadgets our family uses. The easy answer is "everything we sell" since I'm only comfortable selling items I'd use with my own kids, but there are lots of other things our family uses to make life easier. Here's the first instalment of features showing a peek behind the KidGadget curtain - KeySmart!



Full disclosure: I am a KeySmart affiliate and get a small commission for every KeySmart sold through my link above.







For me, being a parent is all about trying to stave off chaos. When I switched over to KeySmart, I culled a lot of keys I don't use regularly onto a second keychain that lives in a drawer, but even with what's left I've upped my key game. KeySmart puts all the keys you use + any bonuses you want in a nice, tidy package.


All KeySmarts come with a couple of little spacers that let you offset your keys as much as you'd like. I've opted for an expansion pack kit for $2 USD which includes a post extension + spacers. You can even order & stack multiple expansion kits if you have an obscene number of keys to put on your KeySmart.


I actually had to order the expansion kit to account for the extra space taken up by the optional USB key on the one side. Having a USB key on my keychain is actually the smartest thing KeySmart allowed me to do. It's saved my bacon more than once. They've also got a whole bunch of other accessories to help trick out yours: a bottle opener, a golf divot tool, ruler, a socket wrench, and a wrench/screwdriver


To connect it to your car key, the KeySmart has a little loop that you can feed a standard key ring through. I opted for the quick disconnect carabiner-style clip - it adds just a bit more distance between the KeySmart & my car key than a traditional key ring would, so that the whole package folds up with minimal bulk. 

 I've seen a few similar projects on Kickstarter & Indiegogo, but I like the simplicity, compact-ness, and aesthetic of the KeySmart. 

Build your KeySmart here: KeySmart


- JP


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